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Drinking in Early Adulthood Can Increase Breast Cancer Risk

Women who believe that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol won’t increase their risk of breast cancer may want to think again.
Last year, Wendy Chen, MD, of the Susan F. Smith Center for Women’s Cancers at Dana-Farber and her colleagues published a study showing that women who drank as little as three to six glasses of wine or other alcoholic beverages a week increased their breast cancer risk by about 15 percent.

Drinking alcohol as a young woman can increase the risk of breast cancer.
In a study published this month to examine the effect of drinking alcohol earlier in life, Chen and …


Hot Summer, Hot Flashes

Last night was the first time I have slept through the night in more than a week. Every summer since beginning tamoxifen in 2008, I have had at least one instance of a week or two where my hot flashes and night sweats are so bad that I can’t sleep well for days on end. The pattern is that I will sleep for about an hour, wake up sweltering and sweaty, kick off the blankets, fall back asleep for 10 minutes, and then wake back up freezing and cover up. Repeat eight times and that’s my night. Sound familiar?
It’s important …


Lemon Lovin’

lemonade from cooksillustrated.com
Pink or yellow, sweet or sour, fresh or frozen: it doesn’t matter how you spin it, lemonade and summertime go hand-in-hand. I remember sitting at the end of my driveway selling lemonade from a cooler, arguing with my sister about who gets to collect the cash. I was about seven years old and making anything over $10.00 a day was a fortune.
takeya lemonade maker
So why not bring yourself back to those childhood days with the flavor of fresh squeezed lemonade. The Takeya Flash Chill Lemonade Maker makes it easy to squeeze and store the sweet nectar all within …


Dieting After Breast Cancer

I have never been a thin woman. I stand at less than five feet tall and carry most of my weight in my upper body. Before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I felt OK about my body – dieting here and there, but not taking my health or nutrition seriously at all. I was, after all, still in my 20s. Breast surgery certainly slowed down my workouts and I began to put on weight. Chemo stopped my exercising entirely and I gained a bit more weight. Once treatment was over, I worked hard to get down to my precancer …


Why Me?

Recently I was reading a blog about breast cancer and came across the website http://www.y-me.org/ which is designed to emotionally support those diagnosed with breast cancer. I called the hotline for more information about volunteering to be one of the peer counselors. Since I am 4 ½ years out from diagnosis, I didn’t think there was much that these people could help me with, but I was wrong. In addition to talking about how I can volunteer to help others, the counselor I spoke with offered to send me some information on fear of recurrence. It is certainly something I …