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Much to my delight, today I was treated to what could only be called a free Starbucks DESSERT POP UP.

I arrived in time for the Red Velvet Cupcakes, the cake was rich and moist and the frosting reminiscent of Sprinkles Cupcakes sour cream frosting.  Next came samples of donuts, vanilla cupcakes and spice cake, followed by hand passed trays of blueberry cake and holiday cake.

Then to my surprise, delicious heart warming mocha’s and lattes followed.  Every dessert was fresh, moist and delicious and worth ordering again.

I do not know why Starbucks had a “DESSERT POP UP” today,  but I will say everyone seemed to be just a little bit happier this Sunday in Cambridge MA.

As I packed up to leave after my 6th hour,  I left with a new appreciation for Starbucks.   I have always known their staff was great, drinks delicious.  Now, I can say, Starbucks is more than just my coffeehouse!

Thanks Starbucks for making this cold, snowy day just a little bit sweeter.  And Starbucks heads up– you are now officially on my target list for for Boston Bakes!

Author’s Note: I do visit Starbuck’s frequently, i do know the names of my local barista’s. and have been known to drive around looking for a certain breakfast wrap.

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