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Every day on Twitter, I post national and daily food holidays to share!  I never until this past summer knew such holidays existed and don’t know who is responsible for creating such holidays.  There are so many different sites to follow that some may share the same food holidays but some are different depending upon the source.

But I am still curious who started the national and daily food holidays and have much research to do to find the answers because I am coming up with nothing! What confuses me even more is when it is national something or other month and then 2 days in the month is a daily holiday for the same something or other.

There are food holidays for almost everyday of the year and monthy holidays for us to enjoy as well. Some are foods I have never tried or heard of before! Food holidays serve as a reminder in a way to make enjoy something we like that we have not made in a while or try something new.

One day when I get time, I will try planning my meals around all the food holidays and see what I come up with.  It would be fun to try!

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