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A new year is always a great time to reflect, be grateful, and set goals. It’s 2022 and although COVID-19 is still here, we’re extremely grateful for the opportunities we’ve had so far to give back to the community and support breast cancer research. The passion and dedication of our founder, Carol Sneider, and the great support system we’ve had have been no less than indispensable in our fight against breast cancer.

Over the past 22 years, Bakes for Breast Cancer has funded 20 researchers whose groundbreaking work on prevention and lifesaving treatments has brought us one step closer to a world free from breast cancer.

But how do we do this?

Every year, we organize one-week charity events where we rely on the generous support of our participants to help us raise critical funds for breast cancer research. During these events, participants can either designate one dessert and donate 100% of the sales to Bakes for Breast Cancer or donate 50% of the sales from their entire dessert menu during the event period. We then rely on customers, such as you and me, to indulge for a good cause. Proceeds from these events make it possible for us to fund vital scientific research that gives patients new options and hope.

But it’s not only these events that help us find the necessary funding needed to support the work of our researchers and organization. We also receive funding from donors, whose charitable donations are particularly valuable at a time when COVID-19 has impacted our events and organization. Donations of all sizes make a world of difference and help us continue our mission.

“If you or your friends and family just donated the price of a cup of coffee each month, what a difference it would make to a growing nonprofit organization,” says Carol, recognizing just how impactful these donations can be.

Thanks to our participating establishments, donors, volunteers, and every other person involved, Bakes for Breast Cancer has made great strides and is headed towards greater progress in the fight against breast cancer.

As we get ready to thaw out for the spring season, we invite any establishment that sells sweet treats to join us and help us fund breast cancer research.

We have four events coming up this year:


You may register your establishment here or make a direct donation. We also encourage you to follow us on social media and to share this news with your friends and family.

The year is still young, and we can accomplish great things together!

Chelsea Onyango


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