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How quickly summer comes and goes! A recent visit to the supermarket shows that they are ready for Halloween!  Yes I am afraid to say Halloween is in the air while children at school are still writing papers on what they did this summer!

I don’t want to go to the mall quite yet because I don’t want to see if the malls are getting ready for Christmas!  I remember the days when right after Thanksgiving you could go to the mall and see the mall dressed up with all its Christmas decorations shining brightly for the first time! Holiday music did not start until after Thanksgiving. It was a treat to go see the beautiful decorations or walk the streets of New York and look at the beautiful holiday window displays.

Times have changed and we rush from one season to another for better or worse this is our new reality while I am still trying to hold on to summer and the wonderful things I got to try and do this year!

I am not ready to say good bye to summer and hope the start of fall brings touches of summer!  So in some new blogs, I will share some of the things I did this summer, things I learned and want to do again!  I learned you don’t have to go far to have a little vacation or try something you had wanted to do but never took the time to do. I intend to take what I learned and keep doing it! Who said you can’t teach an old dog a new trick!  Can’t wait to share my summer adventures with you!  The little journeys I took while I worked on Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer and Bakes for Breast Cancer which will take place on May 6-12th, 2013! Where do I begin?  You will have to come back and see!

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