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How will you be celebrating Father’s Day this year? What gifts will you be giving your father? Perhaps you will give him a cooking class at the BCAE? Will you make your dad one of his favorite dishes? Make his favorite dessert or go out and get some Father’s Day cupcakes? Paint him a picture or give him a picture special of you? Take your dad to his favorite restaurant? Plan a day of fun activities or let your dad decide how he wants to spend his day even if he wants to relax at home or play a round of golf?

Share your stories with us how you spent Father’s Day 2011! Share your pictures! We want to see what fun things you did to celebrate!

Gifts from the heart are always special and a donation to help fight breast cancer is a wonderful gift to give your dad! It is not the amount but the thought so give to Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer for Father’s Day and help us fight breast cancer!


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