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By now I am trying to juggle work and all that goes into making one holiday meal.  It doesn’t matter how many people you have for the holiday dinner, it is the same amount of work to make it happen. With the way I buy, I could feed a few more people at my holiday table without any trouble but my dining room is quite small to accommodate a huge gathering.

Already I am exhausted!  I have my route where I go to pick up specific things.  Yesterday my travels took me to 3 food stores and one liquor store.  I could have gone to more places but after three hours, my car was full and it was time to go home and unpack all that I had bought for one holiday meal.  I had to substitute one type of dried mushroom for another since the supermarket did not have what I was looking for and one more stop was just not going to happen.  I can only hope the substitution works in my mushroom soup! If it does not work, there will be plenty of other foods to eat.

After three hours of food shopping, I must admit, I was exhausted, who knows maybe it is age related!  I could have used a nap! After a short break, I started to cook just to get a jump start on everything so it would be two things less I had to do.  So now, my chocolate pecan pie and mushroom soup is done. I missed the Patriots game on Monday night football.  I fell asleep in the first quarter.  Maybe I should have taken a nap after all!

The cost for this holiday meal is another matter all together!  On the local news I will hear how prices for preparing this year’s Thanksgiving has gone up and they will give a figure how much preparing the meal will cost.  I want to know who comes up with this figure or what they are serving to say a Thanksgiving meal could cost less than fifty dollars!  The turkey alone was over twenty dollars and my receipt says I saved over fifteen dollars!  I stopped counting when my receipts added up to over two hundred dollars.

In the end, making Thanksgiving and sharing it with my family is very special. All the work that goes into it is worth it, even if it takes days to prepare and only minutes to eat!  There will be time to rest later after our Black Friday journey is complete.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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