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Simply New England Simply Delicious

When a friend told me he was writing a cookbook with Chef Daniel Bruce I was excited.  I did not know what to expect from this cookbook.  My friend just told me that Chef Bruce has a very interesting story to share in addition to his wonderful recipes.
It is true and something that you would not expect to read from one of the country’s leading chefs!  From his humble beginnings in New Hampshire, his travels, how he met his wife and ended up coming back to Boston are well worth the read! You can learn much more through the stories …


Bye Bye Boston Bakes 2012!

There are 168 hours in the week of Boston Bakes and the number of hours to put the event all together endless! One week ago today, I started the day quite early around 5 am, desserts in hand getting ready to meet my team at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to do our annual radio and TV ­drop-offs.  It is a long time tradition of driving to radio stations and TV stations during the morning drive time dropping off desserts and changing the radio station to hear the stations talk about Boston Bakes and the desserts they just sampled.
Then it was off …