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There are 168 hours in the week of Boston Bakes and the number of hours to put the event all together endless! One week ago today, I started the day quite early around 5 am, desserts in hand getting ready to meet my team at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to do our annual radio and TV ­drop-offs.  It is a long time tradition of driving to radio stations and TV stations during the morning drive time dropping off desserts and changing the radio station to hear the stations talk about Boston Bakes and the desserts they just sampled.

Then it was off to Dana-Farber to do our annual clinic visit with Kelley Tuthill and our friends from the Four Seasons Hotel Boston. Tim Fonseca, Executive Pastry Chef who comes with his famous chocolate chip cookies in hand.  Kelley and Tim visit with the patients and their families and share chocolate chip cookies.  This is one of the highlight moments of the week for me for it really brings the reason of why we do things and who we are doing them for.  This year, I met some of the most interesting people and hearing their stories are ever so touching. It makes me realize what we do raising money for breast cancer research is so important.

On Sunday, it is our annual visit to The Sunday Morning Review with Mat Schaffer.  This year Mat interviewed Dr. Erica Mayer from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and spoke with Heidi Parent from La Petite France Café in Hyannis.  This year’s Boston Bakes was dedicated to the memory of Heidi’s grandmother Eleanor Howarth Wilcox.  We thank Heidi and her family for letting us dedicate this year to her grandmother.  Heidi spoke about Boston Bakes, her involvement with Boston Bakes and the very high incidence of breast cancer on the Cape. Dr.  Mayer spoke about breast cancer and I learned something this year and why what we do is so important now more than ever!  Funding and grants from the government are down due to the economy and  funds that come from organizations like ours are ever so more important to help the doctors continue their research for the treatment of patients and for finding the cure.

More on our week next week!

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