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For this years July 4th cookout my Dad decided to make a pork roast. After he marinated the meat for a day, he cooked the pork shoulder for nine long hours on the grill over hickory-smoked wood chips until it reached peak tenderness. Personally, being a vegetarian, pork isn’t my cup of tea. But the process to prepare this dinner was pretty interesting, none the less.

Something that was as time consuming to prepare as that piece of pork should have incredible flavor. Over-cooking it would be a disaster and a huge waste of time.

And so, the importance of an accurate meat thermometer comes into play.

It’s often hard to tell when meat or poultry is thoroughly cooked. Under-cooking can lead to sickness from salmonella and E. coli bacteria. Over-cooking results in a tough, dried out dinner.

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But the Taylor Red Weekend Warrior Digital Grilling Thermometer will provide you with perfectly temperate beef, chicken or fish. Insert the food probe into your meat of choice and simply select the temperature you prefer. The Weekend Warrior has settings that range from rare to well done.

When your meat is to your liking an alarm on the digital thermometer will sound, letting you know it’s time. There’s no need to stand over the grill anymore trying to guess the doneness of your dinner, you can view the temperature of your roast right on the large screen.

There’s a cord attached to the food probe so that you can place the thermometer to the side of the grill. The Weekend Warrior Digital Thermometer shows the current temp of the meat as well as the target temp, so that you can watch the progress.

This gadget is perfect for those who tend to cook their meat until it’s burnt in order to ensure it’s thoroughly cooked. You’ll now be able to enjoy tender, juicy meat by relying on this digital thermometer. It’s available from Sur La Table for $24.95.

Get grilling with this helpful tool that won’t let you down during this summer’s barbecue season!

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