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Cooking with Friends!

When I was in Italy, one of the most enjoyable parts of the day or evening was cooking lunch or dinner with friends.  We would talk, cook and drink wine and then enjoy the meal.  Many times my friend would cook for me and I would help a little.  This was a new concept for me because generally when home, I am the one doing the cooking and someone else will help with the cleanup! Reality, it is not as much fun as cooking with family or friends!
My friend in Italy suggested I learn Italian.  So upon my return for …


Welcome to Livorno

So how did I get to Livorno?  It took many years and reuniting with friends from long ago on Facebook that started my journey. When a friend said come to Livorno in time I eventually said yes. What did I have to lose? I planned my trip six months before and used my frequent flyer miles for the journey.  Have you ever noticed that planning and anticipating a trip is a very special part of the trip?  The anticipation lasts longer than the trip. The trip quickly flies by!
I decided if I was going all this way to Italy, going …