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Share Your Story: Dina Sabra (Part 1/2)

“In my mind, it was always a matter of, not if but, when,” said Dina Sabra, Canadian-Egyptian breast cancer survivor. With breast cancer making an appearance in her maternal family history for over three consecutive generations, Dina knew breast cancer would be an unwelcome visitor in her life one day; however, she didn’t expect the visit to come so soon. Dina’s grandmother, mother and aunt all battled breast cancer post-menopause, prompting Dina’s shock when her battle came at age 36. 
As a result of her family’s relationship with breast cancer, Dina routinely visited a breast specialist in Dubai, UAE, where she, …


For My Mother

I could feel the vibrations through my pocket , the never ending buzz caused me to stop in my tracks . My voicemail begins to play , and the heaviness in my father’s voice fills the silence of the airy night. ” I have been trying to reach you , I know you must be working but I wanted to tell you that your mother was in the hospital earlier…call me when you get a chance” he said.
It was around 8:00 p.m. and I had just left work, I was walking to the train station to go home when I …


My Story -Testing for the Breast Cancer Gene

Angelina Jolie decision to share her story about being tested for the breast cancer gene and undergoing a double mastectomy is major and will help so many men and women.  It is incredible that as such a public figure, she was able to keep her story private until she wanted to share it with the world.
Shared it now is!
Since writing her story on the Op-Ed page of the New York Times, every newspaper, news cast and social media is abuzz with her story. Her honesty and truthfulness will help many make a very tough decision.
Here is my story about how …


The Ghost of Birthdays Past and Future

Today is my 33rd birthday. For me, birthdays have always been a day of reflection, though as a kid and young adult, the reflections included ideas like, I wish I had done better in school last year, or if only I’d had the courage to talk to that cute boy in Psych class, or maybe next year I will try out for cheerleading.
Since being diagnosed with breast cancer almost five years ago, at the age of 28, my birthday reflections have been very different. I think about the future, about how long I will live – how many birthdays I …


Breast Reconstruction is Not a New Procedure

The physicians and other health care professionals I met during my two  breast cancers and my years as a navigator spoke of breast reconstruction as a seemingly new process for giving a woman a natural alternative to a breast prosthesis following a mastectomy.
I recently learned that breast reconstruction is a process begun over a century ago as a surgical approach to rebuilding the anatomic breast using tissue from the patient’s body and prosthetic implants. Breast reconstruction began as a means to reduce chest wall complications and deformities following a mastectomy.
Reconstruction techniques have continued to be perfected over the years and …


Breast Augmentation after Mastectomy

Breast augmentation after mastectomy is something that many women option to have done. Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer undergo treatment for their cancer, such as chemotherapy and/or radiation. Even if the treatment works to cure their cancer, doctors often recommend that women have their breasts removed to prevent a reoccurrence of breast cancer. A mastectomy is the process of removing the breast and its tissue to prevent the reoccurrence of potentially deadly breast cancer. Once a woman undergoes a mastectomy, she often makes the decision to have a breast augmentation to help her to feel good about herself …


Why Choose Mastectomy Over Lumpectomy?

When a woman’s breast cancer is small enough to make her a candidate for a lumpectomy followed by radiation, why would she choose a mastectomy?
With early detection, over 70% of women diagnosed with breast cancer may be candidates for a lumpectomy or other breast conserving surgery. Still, over half this number opt for mastectomies…why? The reasons are many and include:

Not knowing they have a choice
Living in a rural area and having to travel a substantial distance to access radiation Monday through Friday for 6+weeks would be a hardship
Cost- lumpectomy and radiation cost more in the short-term than a mastectomy and …


Coping With the Changes that Breast Cancer Brings

The biggest change a diagnosis of breast cancer brings is the loss of feeling in control of your life, your body, your future.

All of a sudden we are casting about for ways to feel in control once again. Our fear, our anger, our confusion only compound our feelings of being out of control now that our body has let us down. We are being challenged to find the  coping mechanisms that will get us through the anxiety of diagnostic tests to determine the size, location and possible spread of our breast cancer. We need the presence of mind to get …


PAINT THE TOWN PINK: Brenda Pignone: ‘I am blessed to be here’

Wicked Local Abington
Posted Oct 17, 2010
Seven year ago July 8, 2003 on what was planned to be a day shopping with my then 13-year-old daughter became a day that stopped me in my tracks and cemented the meaning of “your life can change forever in one moment.”
Sara and I took the train to Boston and I told her that I needed to stop at Mass General Hospital to “quickly have my mammogram” and then we could head out for a day of shopping and lunch. The radiologist suggested that the mammogram showed an area of calcifications and that she would like …


Survivor Spotlight By her side: Facing cancer together

by Christine Cleary
In their 44 years of marriage, Mary and Jim Kenn have gone through a lot side by side … including Mary’s battles with cancer.

Mary Kenn sits at home in Bridgewater, Mass., surrounded by familiar comforts. Framed photos of her three grown children and their families hang on her wall; the scent of fresh home-baked blueberry muffins fills the air; and, most reassuring of all, her companion of the last 44 years, her husband, Jim, is at her side.

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