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Banana Split Bites

Who doesn’t like a good banana split? A classic banana split has three scoops of ice cream (one each of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry) served between a split banana. The ice cream is usually served with pineapple sauce, chocolate sauce, and strawberry sauce drizzled onto the ice cream, then crushed nuts (generally peanuts or walnuts), whipped cream, and topped with a maraschino cherry. Who doesn’t want to end their day with a banana split?
This recipe for banana split bites doesn’t have ice cream, but it does have chocolate. Although, you could dip the fruit in some ice cream or …


Best Cookout Accessories

The weather in New England has finally started to get nice after a long, brutal winter. It won’t be long until you start receiving invites to those summer barbecues. But what if you’re the one throwing the barbecue? Here are five fun backyard accessories to wow your guests with at your next outdoor event.
Mini Golf For Your Pool

Take a break from the traditional pool games like volleyball to play something new. This game features a floating golf hole and 12 different colored golf balls so you and your guests can keep track of who’s winning. (Intheswim.com)

A Floating Cooler

Once guests are …


August Fests and Events

It’s time for the next installment of Boston summer food festivals. It’s August and things aren’t slowing down a bit. Some of the festivals and tours like SoWa Open Market and the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Food Tour still have dates this month. If you’re looking for something else, keep reading. And remember to click on the links to get more information:
Celebrate the Fruits of Our Ocean: This event is a campaign to educate people on the sustainable seafood available in Massachusetts and features demos by local chefs using fresh seafood. It will be held at the East Boston Farmer’s …