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SurvivingTriple Negative Breast Cancer

Patricia Prijatel is a triple-negative breast cancer survivor. She featured the following excerpt from her book which is soon to be published in this guest post. Patricia is an award-winning teacher and writer known for both her insight and her humor.
In her words…Triple-negative breast cancer has caught the attention of major researchers throughout the world, which is a great thing—it means that we are learning more and more about how to prevent and treat this illness. The downside of the research popularity is that the media and medical journals have developed depressing and frightening catch phrases for it, such as …


Dana-Farber study finds new points of attack on breast cancers not fueled by estrogen

BOSTON ––– Although it sounds like a case of gender confusion on a molecular scale, the male hormone androgen spurs the growth of some breast tumors in women. In a new study, scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute provide the first details of the cancer cell machinery that carries out the hormone’s relentless growth orders.
The study, published the journal Cancer Cell on July 12, provides scientists with several inviting targets – cell proteins that snap into action in response to androgen – for future therapies. Drugs that block those proteins could slow or stifle tumor growth in many breast cancer patients …