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The smell of a campfire can instantly lift my mood, bringing back happy memories and warm feelings. Friends and family huddled around a fire telling stories and drinking hot spiced cider is one of the most comforting fall images I can think of. And it doesn’t get much better than snuggling on the couch in front of a log crackling and blazing in the fireplace.

And what would an open fire be without a s’more in hand?

So as we turn the corner to winter, with the first snow looming over our heads, there comes a gadget that will allow us to bring back the taste of a fire roasted s’more without ever having to leave to warmth of the indoors.

The Indoor Flameless Marshmallow Roaster is an electronic tabletop device that will have the whole family coming together. The stainless steel electronic heater turns marshmallows into perfectly gooey, golden brown puffs. The only thing left to do is sandwich your perfect mallow between smooth milk chocolate bars and golden graham crackers, YUM!

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During hard times I’ve often turned to the microwave made s’more. Although it’s a far cry from the fabulous fire roasted treat, desperate times call for desperate measures. Now, with the Indoor Flameless Marshmallow Roaster, I can have a genuine s’more at a moments notice.

Made by Hammacher Schlemmer, this sweet gadget is available for $69.95. It includes four stainless steel roasting forks and a divided tray to hold all your ingredients for a perfect s’more.

With the holidays coming up this gadget is the perfect gift for both children and adults alike, and it would be the hit of the Yankee Swap!

So bring the fun of the great outdoors right into your own kitchen. S’mores will no longer be limited to the fireside, now they’re table-side.

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