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My Visit to Dogma Dog Bakery!

I talk so much about dessert for people today I want to talk about dog bakeries!  Why shouldn’t our four legged friends enjoy desserts!
I am sure if I looked I would find dog bakeries in Boston that actually bake in their own store but I have not gone to one yet. When I get back from Virginia I will look for one!  The only dog bakeries I have found so far in the Boston area are in pet stores that have counters with special bakery departments.
The times I have gotten treats for my dogs at the bakery counter of a …


Euthanasia the tough decesion

Part 3
The last week of Sweet Pea’s life was a sad reality for me, something I had hoped would never happen. I thought and wanted Sweet Pea to live forever. I could not imagine my life without her.  Sweet Pea no longer wanted to sleep in our bed and I spent the last 3 nights of her life sleeping on the living room couch. Sometimes we would cuddle and other times she would wander around the living room always finding her face straight up against the wall.  She stopped barking and would make this noise to let me know when …


Grieving and Mourning -The process is the same for pets and people

Part 1
Right now, I am still grieving and mourning the loss of my dog Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea passed away on July 21 just two months shy of her 17th birthday.  Sweet Pea was a very important part of my family.  She was my side kick.  When she was younger, she was my computer dog, always sitting on my lap while I worked on the computer.  I would fall asleep every night listening to her breathing and yes sometimes snoring.  Sweet Pea was my first pet and I fell in love with her! The love she gave me changed me …