As you can see we are working on a new blog site!  This is not our finished site by any means.  Please be patient with us as we work on the site while it is live.  We have the image in mind and we are not where we want to be.  Give us a bit of time and it will be!

We hope you will understand the site is far from being finished and you will be patient with us as we make improvements to the Bakes 4 Breast Cancer Blog Site!  Please enjoy the blogs in the meantime and watch our progress as we work hard to get to the finish line!

We will celebrate when it is done but until then, it is back to work for us!

6 Replies to “Work in Progress!”

    1. Thank you we look forward to your checking up on our posts or getting it on an RSS Feed!

  1. Put on your pink hard hat…the “foundation” is poured and the new structure is greatly anticipated

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