The week is not over! Still time for a sweet treat!

Growing up the school year seemed to go on forever; but as an adult time flies very quickly! It takes a year to bring Boston Bakes to life and just a short week to enjoy the desserts that will help raise money for breast cancer research!


Although the week of Boston Bakes is now half over, you still have a few more days to enjoy the wonderful desserts that raise money for breast cancer research! Visit a participant or shop for a Boston Bakes dessert!

Time is going quickly and then Boston Bakes 2014 will be history!


If you are visiting Rhode Island next week you can enjoy the desserts that Rhode Island has to offer in the first annual Rhode Island Bakes for Breast Cancer! You will have an extra week to  visit our Rhode Island participants  or  shop and have desserts shipped to you!

So while one event ends, another event begins!   Then we will have made dessert history with your help!



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