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The Official Village People meets the Barnstable County Fair!

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It has been years since I’ve gone to The Barnstable County Fair on Cape Cod.  The week long Fair was a staple in our lives every July when my daughter was growing up.  My sister was visiting from Florida and I gave her the options of what we could do on the Cape during her visit.  I sent her the schedule for the Cape Cod Playhouse in Dennis, the Cape Cod Melody Tent and the Fair. Seeing the Village People was the only thing she really wanted to do!  So it was back to the Barnstable County Fair on opening day for us!

With blanket in hand, we arrived at the Fair around 5:30 in the afternoon for a 7:30 show.  I was surprised to see the people were already staking out their spots for the show. By the time the show started, it was standing room only and there were people of all ages eagerly waiting. The Village People did not disappoint.  They were on stage for an hour, with a small break for a technical glitch. It brought me back to growing up in New York in the 70’s. Their voices were great and their moves have not changed.

What surprised me is that the Village People aged better than many of us in the audience!  I want to know their secret!  Looking around at the audience while the Village People were performing, I noticed a woman, older than I sitting in her chair singing along and her arm movements in total sync with the Village People and a young mother with long blond hair jumping up and down with her young son.   By the encore, the audience were on their feet and we were taught how to properly do YMCA.  Thank you Village People for showing us how to do it right!  I hope I remember it always!   You can find the Official Village people on Facebook- Official Village People not to be confused with the other sites as well as on their website.

The Village People join the list of musical groups from my childhood that I got to see in small intimate settings on the Cape.   It was a fun way to spend a warm evening on Cape Cod.  In the Navy still plays in my head!

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