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The Frustrated Gardner!

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So how did your garden do this year?  The small garden I started did not do well!  I got frustrated and gave up on it!

I planted cucumbers which normally grow incredibly well and some tomato plants in containers.  I knew I would be busy this summer and a big garden was out of the question for me.  Small was smart and I thought would do well!

Normally the cucumbers I plant have thrived in the past, until they get some insect that makes them turn a yellow color.  So this year, I was prepared with a product that would prevent the insect that harmed them last year.  So I planted them in a mound and watered them.  The plants flowered but never grew!  This was a first!  The plants are still flowering but nothing has grown!  I don’t know what happened.  But I gave up on them!   I will not have any cucumbers and that is the reality I must have to accept.

On to the tomatoes!

Each year before I buy my tomato plants, I tell myself to do some research on what type of tomato plants I should be buying.  I never quite get to the research and buy tomato plants I know nothing about!  This year I did the tomato’s in containers because last time I planted tomatoes I think the chipmunks got some of them no matter how I fenced it in.  I thought changing the location of the tomatoes and putting them in containers would be better solution.  Although the plants did not flourish in the containers, the plants had some tomatoes on them!  But as soon as the tomatoes turned red and I was watching them getting ready to pick them guess who came to visit?  The crows visited and kept visiting! The crows ate part of each tomato as it became red and ready to pick!  I did not get one tomato!

Then I gave up on my garden frustrated!  Why bother with it! Although the small garden is in front of the house, I no longer have interest in tending to it.  The crows beat me! The only thing that grew was an herb garden in a container that comes to life each year no matter what I do or don’t do to it!  What will I do next year?  I am clues!

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