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The Food Of Italy

This past October I went to Italy. I started in Venice and took a train from there to Rome. They’re both very beautiful, yet very different cities. Venice is much quieter and had an older crowd. Rome was crowded everywhere, and seemed to have ancient monuments around every corner. But both cities were filled with great Italian food!



The specialty drink in Venice is an Aperol Spritz. It’s served at most restaurants and bars there. Traditionally the drink is served before a meal to help with digestion, but you can order it at any time of day, with or without food. The one that I had was more bitter than I was expecting, but if you make your own, you can control that by putting less Aperol in it. The drink is easy to make! Here’s what to fill the cup with:

3/5 white wine

1/5 Aperol

1/5 Seltzer water

Finish it off with a lemon and an olive for garnishes!



In Rome, there was one restaurant that stood out among the rest. Ristorante Falchetto is on a small side street a few blocks over from the Trevi Fountain. To start, I got bruschetta. The bread was really crispy and the diced tomatoes tasted so fresh.



For my meal, I got the gnocchi. While I still struggle to pronounce “gnocchi” the correct way, I had no trouble eating it! The little dumplings were made from potatoes and covered in cream sauce. They were really soft and seemed to almost absorb the sauce. It was definitely the best meal I had in Italy!


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