Twenty eight years ago, Dairy Queen introduced the Blizzard! It took me 28 years to finally try it!  Why you might ask did it take me so long?  There is a simple and logical reason, I am a person of tradition.  I grew up on Carvel and have always loved soft serve ice cream but always order the same thing every time!

Living in Massachusetts, I don’t have a local Carvel store nearby but I know where the Dairy Queen stores are located!  As a  soft serve ice cream junkie, I will always stop in if they are open and order the usual which is a child size chocolate dipped cone; child size since it is truly the perfect size and I never feel guilty for my indulgence!

When I was at another local ice cream store recently I noticed that they were now offering their version of a Blizzard. I realized I have never tried it before. It was long overdue that I try a Blizzard. Therefore I made a point to go to the local DQ, 20 minutes away and finally get my hands around a Blizzard.

A Blizzard is where you pick from soft serve and toppings and it magically, ok mechanically blends everything together. The Blizzard is put into a cup served with a spoon and voila you have a Blizzard! Soft serve and “treats” expertly blending to form the perfect ration of “treats” to soft serve in each bite!

What a variety of treats you can have!  I asked which the most popular Blizzards were and I was told Oreo and candy choices were the most popular.  I chose a coffee blizzard with heath bar!  I was surprised they had coffee soft serve, never had it at DQ before so I went with it!

Quickly the Blizzard was before me!  I truly enjoyed every bite until I came home and read the calorie content of a small Blizzard.  Now I realize why I unknowingly pick a child sized chocolate dipped soft serve cone!

Will I go for another Blizzard?  Of course I will but for now I will stick with my child sized chocolate dipped cone! I will be very happy! Let us know what is your favorite Blizzard!

dq blizzard

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