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Young Woman with Breast Cancer Finds Dream Team

A young woman in her prime, with a full life and meaningful career, does not expect a cancer diagnosis. But that is what happened to 34-year-old Erin, who received the news when she was in Paris with her mother and sister, on a long-awaited trip to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Before she left, she had felt a lump in her right breast, and underwent several screening tests. When her doctor called her in Paris to say she had breast cancer, he referred her to the Program for Young Women with Breast Cancer at the Susan F. Smith Center for Women’s Cancers at …


New Hope for the Future of Breast Cancer Treatment

I read an article the other day about a new “Smart Bomb” cancer drug that seems to be helping with advanced breast cancers. It started me thinking about wonderful charities like Boston Bakes that raise so much money for breast cancer research. Even though there is still no cure for breast cancer, researchers learn more every day, treatments improve, and women’s chances of survival increase.
This particular form of treatment doesn’t lead to hair loss or vomiting, like the traditional chemotherapy can. I think that is a great breakthrough, as well as the best part which is increase in the length …


Wonderful Me

Last weekend I drove up to Vermont to visit my good friend from college, Allison. It was her birthday yesterday and we had a great weekend hanging out and catching up. We graduated about 11 years ago from Saint Michael’s in Vermont, where Al is from. I moved back to Boston after graduation, but we have kept in close contact ever since.
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, Al was there. It was a Friday afternoon when I got the call from my doctor telling me that I had breast cancer. Al arrived to spend the weekend about …