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Noodle Kugel a Sweet Way to Break the Fast!

Noodle kugel or noodle pudding as it is sometimes called may be savory or sweet and is a traditional Jewish side dish served at holiday and Shabbat dinners. In my home a sweet noodle kugel is the kugel of choice and the one most requested or should I say expected!
For years I made a noodle kugel recipe that had cottage cheese, sour cream and cream cheese in it.  It was so good, rich and yes high in calories. But it was a tried and true recipe that never let me down and put a smile on my family’s face each …


To the Family of Robert Schimmel

Our thoughts are with you at this very difficult time and our best wishes for Aliyah for her recovery.  Sometimes with all that you have been through, life makes little sense. Now is one of those times.
Having lost my parents at a young age, I had problems understanding why things happen when they did.  But I keep remembering the words that on Yom Kippur it is written who shall live and who shall die as a way to make sense of something which makes little sense and it helps to some extent.

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