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Strange Bedfellows Ivy’s Story

As if divorce, breast cancer and chemo wasn’t enough, Hurricane Sandy blew me out of my cozy oceanfront Long Beach apartment and into my ex husband’s bachelor pad.
On the morning of Monday, October 28, 2012, my eight year old son and I had finished pasting three bats on our windows, trying to get into the Halloween mood. A storm brewing off of the East coast was headed for the Tri -State area. On the Friday before the weekend, they’d cancelled my son’s school preparing for the storm to hit land. By Sunday the camera crews from the networks that descended …


Hair – Part I

Me, in the summer of 2008, wearing my expensive wig with the headband needed to hold it on properly.
When I think back on my treatment days, I always think about my hair loss. It was one of the first questions I asked my oncologist when I was diagnosed, and it was a side effect of chemo that caused me the most stress, especially long term. When I take a step back, it amazes me that out of all the fear and pain caused by cancer treatment, hair loss was the focus of so much anxiety. I felt shallow for caring …


A Wig Wizard

When chemo takes your hair, you need a pro to fit and style your wig so it doesn’t look like you are wearing a hair hat!
You need a wig wizard, a professional who can make selecting that first ever wig less uncomfortable and confusing at a time when you are feeling most vulnerable.
You want a professional who can talk you through what you want in a wig…something that is almost an exact replica of how you usually wear your hair or an entirely different look that can be passed off as “something new.”
Although I’ve had breast cancer twice, I didn’t …