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The Vino!

My first full day in Livorno,Italy, my friend came back to his apartment to make lunch for us, It was on this day that bringing out the wine for both lunch and dinner, having wonderful conversations was a part of  my brief but everyday Italian life!

After the first lunch I thought for sure I would need a siesta every afternoon but it is amazing how quickly I got adjusted to having wine with every meal!  I have always loved Italian wine and in Italy the wine does taste better!
Being in Tuscany, I would expect nothing less than wonderful wine!  Where …


Livorno, Italy

As a port city and gateway to Tuscany even in early November cruise ships were still visiting the city of Livorno.  Ferries operate daily to Corsica and twice a week you can even take a 19 hour crossing to Palermo if you want! The marina is filled with luxury yachts and sailboats any of which I would be happy to call my own!
For those arriving by cruise ship, most probably visit Pisa and take the 90 minute trip to visit Florence.  After spending two weeks in Livorno, I hope they get to enjoy the Livorno that I got to know, …


Castagnaccio- A Chestnut Flour Cake!

My recent trip to Livorno, Italy- a part of Tuscany on the clear Mediterranean Sea was filled with seeing friends, eating, cooking and of course lots of talking!
One of the most special times and there were many special times during my trip to Italy was on the last evening of my trip;  my friend made a secret family dessert for me, showed me how to make it and shared the family recipe with me. This is not a recipe that they make often and there is competition in the family on who truly makes the best Castagnaccio. I don’t have …


The Trip of Curiosity!

Let’s call this a trip of pure curiosity because it is taking me to Italy an adventure of unknown possibility! Here I wait to board my American Airlines flight which I used my frequent flyer miles to get and then will take a British Airlines flight onto Pisa! It is then I will see friends I have not seen in more years than I would like to count!
How did this trip start, we’ll that is a long story! It is because of Facebook that it is taking place at all- a surprising place to reconnect with lost long friends! …