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Life with my Mother

After my father passed away in February of 1966, my mother devoted her life to her two young children ages 9 and 4.  She never dated or wanted to date. Her children and family were her life.  She hated driving and would never take a highway.  If she could get there by back roads she would go! If there were no back roads, it was the Long Island Railroad or a cab!
She loved to shop and did all of our clothes shopping and would bring home bags of clothes for us for us to try on!  She loved jewelry.
I never …


Newest blogger to Boston Bakes Meet Jamie!

Jamie volunteers for Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer and also works in grants management at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  Her good friends have lost their mothers to breast cancer, and she hopes that no one else will have to go through the same experience.  Jamie is passionate about food (especially sweets) and fundraising.  She also enjoys traveling and running.  She most recently ran in the Komen Race for the Cure.
We welcome Jamie to Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer!

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