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Castagnaccio- A Chestnut Flour Cake!

My recent trip to Livorno, Italy- a part of Tuscany on the clear Mediterranean Sea was filled with seeing friends, eating, cooking and of course lots of talking!
One of the most special times and there were many special times during my trip to Italy was on the last evening of my trip;  my friend made a secret family dessert for me, showed me how to make it and shared the family recipe with me. This is not a recipe that they make often and there is competition in the family on who truly makes the best Castagnaccio. I don’t have …


Centennial Celebrations

2012 is definitely a special year for those that are celebrating centennials. Two of my favorite treats turned 100 this year: the Oreo cookie and Girl Scout Cookies! Meanwhile, both the Titantic and our beloved Fenway Park in Boston will also be celebrating their 100th anniversary this month. Today’s blog post will feature the food aspect, of course.

Oreo is one of my favorite cookies. I like to eat them plain, with milk, in confections (like cupcakes, cheesecakes, pies, ice cream, etc.), home made from scratch, and even the cereal kind (anyone remember Oreo O’s?). A few months ago, I discovered how to make Oreo truffles, which …