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Garlic Goodness

garlic from eatingwell.com
One word: Garlic. I use garlic in so many things when I cook. Tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, stir-fried veggies; they all taste so much better when I add a little (but usually a lot more than a little) garlic.
For the amount of garlic I use when I cook it’s surprising that I don’t own a garlic press. Chopping garlic the old fashion way, mincing and slicing on my wooden cutting board, works pretty well. I still get the same delicious flavor, it just takes a little longer and leaves my fingers smelling like garlic for a couple days, …


Primo Pesto!

I can’t believe I had waited so many years to make Pesto!  Was it easier to buy it?  Yes!  Did I think it was more complicated to make than it really is?  Yes!  Can I make a list of reasons why I never made pesto? Yes!   It wasn’t that I didn’t like pesto, maybe because it was because I did not love it.  I never even looked for a pesto recipe and did not know what it entailed.
Then a recipe found me from Chile Olive Oil and I read the recipe!  It was then that I kicked myself because making …