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An Afternoon at Mistral

Walking into Mistral around noon, I almost expected to see some sort of secret, daytime chaos that would explain how the restaurant pulls off its perfectly orchestrated dinners. But the restaurant was pristine and silent, sunlight poured into the room through large windows, and the kitchen hummed quietly in the background. In a few hours, the restaurant would be lit only by the tentacles of chandeliers and filled with the clink of forks on plates and the murmur of wait staff getting to know their guests.
I met with Shane Gray, Mistral’s pastry chef, and Mark D’Alessandro, the general manager, at …


Nigerian Meat Pie

via iamforevernigerian.tumblr.com
Two weeks ago, I was an African gathering and meat pie was one of the dishes served. I helped out even though I had never made it before, mostly with rolling and filling the dough with cooked ground beef, onions, and potatoes. Some people like to add carrots and/or green peas as well. Comparatively, it’s most similar to an empanada. It’s one of the more popular snacks that is sold pretty much everywhere in the country, from chain restaurants to street stalls.
This recipe is from 9jafoodie.com. It’s to the way we made it – my friend didn’t use any …


Pop-up Restaurant: Whisk

Last Friday, I had my first pop-up restaurant experience at Whisk for a 5-course aphrodisiac tasting. A pop-up restaurant is one that does not have a permanent location. It is often run by young chefs who are learning the start-up business and operate in a private home or facility with a kitchen. Whisk pops up occasionally in bakeries, cafes, and most recently in a soup kitchen, all located in Boston. 
The tasting theme was aphrodisiacs, in honor of Valentine’s Day. Although there was no amuse-bouche to start the meal, the chefs entertained the guests with a scrumptious, house-made white fig and pepita sourdough bread.
First course: Asparagus tartare, avocado mousse, strawberry onion …


Breakfast the Sweetest Meal of the Day!

I was going to write today about the wonderful meals that I enjoyed while I was in Italy but I think that will wait for my next blog!  I have so many feelings about the food I enjoyed I truly don’t know where to begin!  Except to say I was incredibly spoiled while I was there!
But let’s start with breakfast first before I talk about lunch and dinner while I was in Italy! It is all about the sweets for me!  You don’t think that it is coincidence that I raise money for breast cancer one sweet at a time.   …


Middle Eastern Cuisine

As you hopefully I know I recently returned from an amazing trip to Dubai. The city itself was great, very modern and a cool place to visit but the one of the main parts of what made my trip so spectacular was the food. I want to share with you some of the wonderful things I ate while there but I don’t want this to just be a brag-post. Rather I hope this will be an inspirational post on food that you too can enjoy. Middle-Eastern food in general is something I love and it’s a great way to mix …


Chocolate pine-nut tart!

I collect recipes with the best intentions of making them all even though I know most likely I will only make a small percentage of those recipes I collect.  I will make a recipe I have never tried and bring it to someone’s house for better or worse. Luck has been on my side or I am a good judge of a recipe.  For now I will say luck is on my side!  I needed a dessert to bring to a friend’s house and remembered I had this recipe for a chocolate pine-nut tart.
I found this recipe in 2009 and …