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Home Cooking in Italy

For the time I was in Livorno,Italy I became very spoiled!  My friend cooked for me lunch and dinner Tuscan style, fresh simple cooking from the freshest of ingredients.  Cooking was quick, simple and delicious.  Meals were simple, prepared simply with minimal use of pots and pans. I can take some lessons since when I cook the recipes have many ingredients and by the time I am done preparing the recipe my kitchen is a mess with dirty bowls, pots and pans!
A visit to the Mercato for meat and freshly pressed hamburgers made to order were on the menu often!  …


Primo Pesto!

I can’t believe I had waited so many years to make Pesto!  Was it easier to buy it?  Yes!  Did I think it was more complicated to make than it really is?  Yes!  Can I make a list of reasons why I never made pesto? Yes!   It wasn’t that I didn’t like pesto, maybe because it was because I did not love it.  I never even looked for a pesto recipe and did not know what it entailed.
Then a recipe found me from Chile Olive Oil and I read the recipe!  It was then that I kicked myself because making …