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Kudzu visits Cipriani Downtown!

After a long drive it was time for lunch or a light snack at least when we got to New York City!  One of my favorite restaurants since my daughter was a little girl is Harry Cipriani.   We would stay at the Sherry Netherland Hotel which became one of my favorite hotels and enjoy room service which came from Harry Cipriani and meals in their restaurant.  I have great memories of the hotel and Harry Cipriani!
Harry Cipriani’s reminded me of Italy, The Italian Line ships I sailed on and where I tasted my first Bellini.  This is the closest I …


My dog Kudzu takes on New York!

It just happened by chance that when we were leaving Virginia, my sister was going to be in New York.  Since New York was the half way point on our way back to Boston, why not stop in the city that never sleeps and get a taste of New York!  I am a New Yorker by birth and it has been a long time since I’ve been back how I could not stop! This stop in New York was meant to be and I was going to take advantage of it!
Lucky for me the hotel my sister was staying at …