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Treating Herself To Happiness: An Interview with Adie Sprague of Treat Cupcake Bar

Upon entering Treat Cupcake Bar, the tantalizing aroma of fresh from the oven cupcakes wraps you in warmth and nostalgia, immediately transporting you back to the comfort of your childhood kitchen. The vibrant colors, fun fonts, eye-catching display case, and full view of the open workspace alive with activity and bustling bakers all contribute to the visually enticing environment and cheerful ambience. Featuring classic flavors and delightful decorations evocative of birthday parties gone by, the menu selections showcased would tempt the taste buds of the most discerning sweet tooth and enthuse any kid or kid-at-heart. You can’t help but be …


You will have a treat at Treat Cupcake Bar for Boston Bakes!

I saw a tweet from Treat Cupcake Bar in Needham about how they were trying out recipes for their Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer cupcake and chose a white chocolate raspberry cupcake just for us.  We like tweets like that and then I saw the picture of the cupcake and wished that I was over at Treat Cupcake Bar tasting the cupcakes with them!
I posted the picture on the Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer Facebook page and it got over 1400 impressions.  I just had to find out more about the white chocolate raspberry cupcake.  I spoke to Adie Sprague, …


Part 2 Food Trucks in the Suburbs! Burrito Dave’s

If you ask Karen and Dave what the biggest hurdle they had so far was updating the truck. It is not easy to get all the equipment in and out of the truck through the back window sideways!
The Window!

Then it was a matter of picking a location to call home.  Burrito Dave’s only lasted a few days in Chelmsford before moving to Needham. Why Needham?  First the Town of Needham allowed them to set up shop and they recognized Needham was a food town with many restaurants and friendly people.
So they set up shop in an office park and then …


Cooking for the Jewish Holidays, Get a Jumpstart Cook and Freeze Your Chicken Soup!

Chicken Soup
With the Jewish Holidays so early this year, the dilemma was what I could make and freeze so I could still enjoy the Labor Day Weekend!  I could make my chicken soup, well not mine but a recipe that has been one of my favorites for many years.  Whenever I make chicken soup, I always make a double batch one for the holiday and one for the freezer after all you never know when you will get a cold or the flu and need chicken soup, after all is called Jewish penicillin!
Everyone will have their favorite way of making …