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Trying Both Sides

Living with family members who suffer from lactose intolerance when I don’t have that problem has lead me to try both regular and Lactaid products. I can tell you that Lactaid products taste pretty much the same as products with lactose in them. If you are starting to develop a lactose intolerance or someone in your family is, I can tell you that it’s okay to make the switch. You and your whole family can switch to Lactaid products and still enjoy the foods you love.
I use Lactaid milk for pretty much everything now. I put it in Mac N …



Is it just me, or have smoothies become HUGE lately? I see people posting pictures of them on blogs and Instagram everyday, getting more creative with each one. Green smoothies have gotten really popular, with people adding green vegetables like kale into a traditionally fruit-based drink. Ingredients like egg yolks and coconut oil also add a lot of nutritional value to smoothies. The fun part about making them is that you can add pretty much any ingredient you feel like! You can stick to one type of fruit, or add in eight. Different varieties of yogurt and milk make good …


A New Food Trend: Goat Cheese

There is a new food trend I’ve been noticing everywhere lately: goat cheese. Goat cheese is exactly what it sounds like, cheese that is made from the milk of a goat rather then the milk of a cow. But what makes it different and where did it come from?

The first time I had goat cheese is while I was living in Barcelona. I went to a local restaurant there, called Milk, for brunch one morning. I’m not big on breakfast foods, so I ordered off the limited lunch menu they offered. I got a salad that included chicken, beets, and …


Food and Drink Pairings

Tomorrow, I will be attending the Third Annual Boston Bacon and Beer Festival at The House of Blues in Fenway. I couldn’t be more excited! I tried to attend the event last year, but tickets were sold out in less than five minutes! This year, I made sure I was ready and available to buy the tickets as soon as they were on sale.

Why is the festival so popular? “Everyone loves beer, everyone loves bacon,” event organizer Aaron Cohen told the Boston Herald. It also helps that bacon and beer pair very well together. This made me think of some …


Centennial Celebrations

2012 is definitely a special year for those that are celebrating centennials. Two of my favorite treats turned 100 this year: the Oreo cookie and Girl Scout Cookies! Meanwhile, both the Titantic and our beloved Fenway Park in Boston will also be celebrating their 100th anniversary this month. Today’s blog post will feature the food aspect, of course.

Oreo is one of my favorite cookies. I like to eat them plain, with milk, in confections (like cupcakes, cheesecakes, pies, ice cream, etc.), home made from scratch, and even the cereal kind (anyone remember Oreo O’s?). A few months ago, I discovered how to make Oreo truffles, which …


World Dessert Tour

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” is a popular idiom meaning when you are visiting a different place or culture, you should try to follow their customs and practice. Whenever I travel, whether it be within the states or outside of the states, I try to eat what the locals eat. Today’s post will be about popular desserts around the world, specifically from the top 5 travel locations in 2012 according to The New York Times.

1. Panama | Tres Leches
First stop is Panama. I have never visited this country before and know nothing about it, besides the historic Panama …


Yummy Yogurt

Soy yogurt from fatfreevegan.com
The latest trend in yogurt has been showing up everywhere over the past few years, from grocery stores to coffee shops, convenient stores and more. At first I was skeptical. The plain, sugar-free flavor of greek style yogurt was boring and bland compared to the fruity flavors of Yoplait‘s apple turnover and boston-cream-pie-delights that I was used to.
But soon enough, greek yogurt worked it’s way into my heart and is now one of my most desired snacks. Chobani is definitely my brand of choice.
Vanilla Chobani
The “fruit on the bottom” makes it all worthwhile with flavors like peach …


Homemade Hot Chocolate

I am oh so desperately awaiting the start of winter; seriously I can’t wait for it to snow. Growing up in the Canada, “The Great White North” as it is often called we have two seasons – winter and construction.  Also winter lasts for about 8 months, so it’s a little strange for me to be able to walk to my gym in a sweatshirt and shorts at the start of December.  Growing up I loved winter; I never really played on a sports team but winter sports I loved. Skiing, sledding, were regular activities in my life and of …


Childhood favorite The German Pancake!

The first thing I remember learning to make from my mother was a German pancake!  The recipe came from the Settlement Cookbook.  We would have it for breakfast or dinner and it was always a treat.  It was then that I was introduced to the importance of a good and well seasoned cast iron pan.

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It Is The Season to Try New Hot Chocolate!

Winter days are meant for hot chocolate. I don’t mean the packages that you tear open and make with water.  I grew up with hot chocolate always being made with milk and although it might save some calories, I prefer to have my hot chocolate made with milk and good chocolate.

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