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Restaurant Technology

In the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in the use of technology as far as food is concerned. You can order food online, pay online, look up restaurant reviews on the go, and scan menus of restaurants without leaving your house. And of course, there’s the cupcake ATM and Pinterest. So, in honor of that, here are a few apps and other innovative ways technology is influencing the way we dine out.

Picture Menus: Who hasn’t been at a restaurant, seen a plate of food, and thought, “This is so pretty I should take a picture?” Well, most people …


Behind the Holiday Eight Ball!

Oh my!  Before we know it Easter and Passover will soon be here!  Kitchens will be bustling with activity! Families will be gathering to celebrate!
So why am I so behind the eight ball? Passover! Two days ago I decided to have the first Sedar for Passover where we remember and celebrate the escape of the Jews from the Egyptian Pharaoh over 3000 years ago.  It is the start of an eight day holiday with many things to do to prepare for the holiday.
I am also in the last week of accepting participants for Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer and working …


Turkey Time! Traditions and Recipes Asked for Each and Every Year! Cipolline Al Forno!

Why is it that when I think of planning my Thanksgiving Day menu, I would love to try new recipes but my family and guests request the same Thanksgiving menu year in and year out!  Most of these recipes are made this one day only and won’t be repeated until the next Thanksgiving!  Why I don’t know, it is just the way it happens!
It wasn’t until someone on Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer’s Facebook page made me see the light, our holiday dinner and its menu was tradition!  I guess you just don’t mess with tradition!

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