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Home Cooking in Italy

For the time I was in Livorno,Italy I became very spoiled!  My friend cooked for me lunch and dinner Tuscan style, fresh simple cooking from the freshest of ingredients.  Cooking was quick, simple and delicious.  Meals were simple, prepared simply with minimal use of pots and pans. I can take some lessons since when I cook the recipes have many ingredients and by the time I am done preparing the recipe my kitchen is a mess with dirty bowls, pots and pans!
A visit to the Mercato for meat and freshly pressed hamburgers made to order were on the menu often!  …


Calling All Sandwiches

eggplant panini from acefitness.org
The sandwich has been a luncheon trademark for as long as I can remember. Satisfying and nutritious, there are endless options waiting to be stuffed between a couple slices of bread for a mid-day meal. From club sandwiches to tea sandwiches to wraps and flat-breads; one of my most beloved has to be the Panini.
Crispy on the outside with a golden crust and a warm, melty inside makes the panini irresistible.
And now you no longer have to eat-out to get your panini fix. The Giada Gourmet Panini Maker from Target is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s …


King of the Corn

grilled corn on the cob from myrecipes.com
When I think about summer cookouts I think pasta salad and corn on the cob. As a kid it was often my job to shuck the corn before tossing it into the steamer. Smothering on the butter and sprinkling on the salt made for the most delicious combination of sweet and savory. I hardly minded all the corn-hair that got stuck in my teeth.
Today, I tend to skip the butter and salt and just enjoy the au-natural sweetness of the corn itself. Maybe it’s the novelty of eating something with my hands that makes …


Strained Success

When I moved into my first apartment there were so many things that I would never have thought twice about but suddenly became a necessity to succeeding on my own. My collection of kitchen gadgets basically consisted of a frying pan, a pot and a toaster oven.
So whenever I cooked dinner I would add about five items to my ‘gadget list’ and I gradually started to build my collection. Today I don’t have to worry about running to the store to buy a can-opener before I make a tuna fish sandwich because three years of apartment living has left me …


Clover Food Lab!

When last I wrote about Food Trucks, Needham had its own food truck but just for the season when the weather was good.  Then they went away and never came back to Needham the following year.  I was so excited the suburbs had a food truck.  My excitement was short lived.
I thought most food trucks disappeared when the weather got rough, but I learned such is not the case!  Food and Cupcake Trucks grace our streets all year long regardless of the weather.   I really need to leave my computer more and check out the wide variety of food trucks …


Latkes at the Beach

Happy Hanukah everyone! I know, I know its almost over and I hope everyone is having as wonderful of a holiday as I am, although I have to admit not much can top my view right now!

Sorry if that made you a little jealous, you may even need something to pick you up right now, how about latkes?
For those who don’t know what latkes are the short explanation is that they are simply delicious. The long explanation is that they are a traditional food eaten during the holiday of Hanukah. It is traditional during Hanukah to eat foods that are …


Living in Each Day

A few weeks after I completed treatment for my first cancer I joined friends for lunch. The conversation soon turned to early retirement plans among those who had government jobs.
As I listened, I couldn’t help wondering if planning for retirement was something I had to concern myself about. I was still focusing on getting through the days from one post-treatment follow up appointment to the other. It was easier living in each day, not projecting, getting done whatever I needed and wanted to do was enough for me.
Short-term planning, such as how to get my strength back and  fulfilling personal and business commitments made prior to …


Moonakis- Oh What a Breakfast!

When I want to treat myself to something special, I take myself to Moonakis in Waquoit, MA for breakfast.  I love the menu and their specials are fantastic but when it comes down to it I always order the same thing!  I don’t even have to place my order all they have to do is look at me and write down, short stack plain pancakes!

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