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Life with my Mother

After my father passed away in February of 1966, my mother devoted her life to her two young children ages 9 and 4.  She never dated or wanted to date. Her children and family were her life.  She hated driving and would never take a highway.  If she could get there by back roads she would go! If there were no back roads, it was the Long Island Railroad or a cab!
She loved to shop and did all of our clothes shopping and would bring home bags of clothes for us for us to try on!  She loved jewelry.
I never …


My Father- Charles O. Brownman

Growing up with my father always in the hospital, there are a few things I remember and many things I have no memory of what so ever.  I don’t feel I had the chance to know him and my younger sister must remember less than I do.  I remember some stories, remember people telling and sharing their stories with me.  There are just some basic things I will never know!  I don’t have any recollection of what type of marriage my parents had!  I don’t know what their relationship was like!  I don’t even know how my parents met! I …