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On the Chopping Block

Bodum Knife Block
Today’s gadget is simple and subtle, but it might just find a permanent home atop your counter. A modernized version of an average wooden knife block, the Bistro Knife Block made by Bodum is stylish and very practical.
The outside casing of the Bistro is made of hard plastic and inside are thin plastic sticks packed tightly together, resembling the bristles of a broom. The design allows you to place any size knife, anywhere, within the “block” itself. You can store your paring, chopping and chef’s knife all right next to each other.
It takes up only a small amount …


Living in Each Day

A few weeks after I completed treatment for my first cancer I joined friends for lunch. The conversation soon turned to early retirement plans among those who had government jobs.
As I listened, I couldn’t help wondering if planning for retirement was something I had to concern myself about. I was still focusing on getting through the days from one post-treatment follow up appointment to the other. It was easier living in each day, not projecting, getting done whatever I needed and wanted to do was enough for me.
Short-term planning, such as how to get my strength back and  fulfilling personal and business commitments made prior to …