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Flourless Edible Cookie Dough

Do you like cookies, but don’t have an oven or don’t want to take the time to wait for the cookies to cook? Ever thought about making edible cookie dough, so you can safely eat it after it is made, and not baked? Who doesn’t like eating cookie dough? Eating uncooked cookie dough isn’t good for you and you shouldn’t really be consuming it because of the raw eggs. This recipe solves that issue as there are no eggs in it so it is safe to eat.
It’s a recipe for Flourless Edible Cookie Dough. It is allergy-friendly and perfect …


Mmm Muffins

These soft and ingredient filled muffins are good muffins to have for breakfast. Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of ingredients in these muffins, they actually all taste really good together. Nut butter and apples go well together, cinnamon and apples go well together, apples and chocolate go well together, nut butter and chocolate go well together, so why not mix them all together for a delicious muffin? It’s the right amount of nut butter, apples, chocolate chips, and cinnamon all in one bite. You will be surprised by how good they taste combined.
This recipe wasn’t originally allergy-friendly, but …


Trying Both Sides

Living with family members who suffer from lactose intolerance when I don’t have that problem has lead me to try both regular and Lactaid products. I can tell you that Lactaid products taste pretty much the same as products with lactose in them. If you are starting to develop a lactose intolerance or someone in your family is, I can tell you that it’s okay to make the switch. You and your whole family can switch to Lactaid products and still enjoy the foods you love.
I use Lactaid milk for pretty much everything now. I put it in Mac N …