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Cutest Cookie Sandwiches

This week at Boston Bakes everyone is putting their best dessert forward. From cakes, cookies, pies and more, I decided to join the trend and talk about a gadget that will make some real tasty desserts, and it will take only minutes!
from cuisipro.com
Summer is well on it’s way and as I’m daydreaming of long days at the beach I can’t help but think about the ice cream truck that will soon be ringing it’s bell for all the kids to hear. Ice cream cookie sandwiches were always one of my favorite treats from the ice cream truck. The Cuisipro Mini …


Fair Food

I am an avid junk foodie!  With my daughter grown and no longer taking her to the fair, it has been years since I have been to the Barnstable County Fair.  But this year I was going back!  I was in fast, junk, food heaven!  There were some new food stands like mac & cheese and everything chocolate! You can find lobster rolls and healthier choices if you so desire. But the stands I remember were in the same place as I left them all those years ago!  Ray’s French Fries were as good as I remember!  Ray’s makes great …