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Peanut Butter & Co.

As a kid, I put a slight variation on the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich by eating mine with only the peanut butter. My love of peanut butter is most likely inherited from my dad, who could probably live off peanut butter if he had to. Last year I went grocery shopping with a friend and saw her pick up a brand of peanut butter I had never noticed.  I decided to grab a jar for myself because the flavors sounded amazing, and the packaging was unbelievably cute with a little monkey on the front. From then on, I …


Asia Food Tour: Part 3

In this last part of my Asia food tour blog series (see also Part 1: Mainland China – Beijing & Guangzhou and Part 2: Hong Kong & Macau), I’ll share with you some of my food experiences in Taipei, which is the capital of Taiwan, a large island/state located east of China. Taiwan is home to delicious food, hot springs, and Taipei 101 (2nd tallest building in the world).

Did you know that bubble tea was invented in Taiwan? Bubble tea is a popular iced tea drink often fused with milk, and mixed with tapioca “pearls” or “bubbles.” There are many flavors to choose …


World Dessert Tour

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” is a popular idiom meaning when you are visiting a different place or culture, you should try to follow their customs and practice. Whenever I travel, whether it be within the states or outside of the states, I try to eat what the locals eat. Today’s post will be about popular desserts around the world, specifically from the top 5 travel locations in 2012 according to The New York Times.

1. Panama | Tres Leches
First stop is Panama. I have never visited this country before and know nothing about it, besides the historic Panama …