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My First Chicago Hot Dog

So I find myself in the Windy City in time for the first game of the Stanley Cup Playoff with the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks. Unfortunately tickets for the first game are a little out of my price point. But know for sure I will be watching the game with other Bruin fans on Wednesday evening!
What awaits the Bruin fans when they arrive in Chicago? A Chicago Hot Dog of course! In all my years visiting Chicago I have never tried this delicacy before. Being from New York, I grew up on grilled …


Hot Dogs! Celebrating National Hot Dog Month!

You might go to a mall and feel like you are home since the stores are mostly the same and malls are no longer as unique with local flavor as they once were, but food is different!  Each location we visit brings its own flavor from restaurants to supermarkets! Visit a local supermarket and you will find brands you never heard of! Try a hot dog stand in Boston and it won’t be the same as if you were in Chicago or New York!
This past Sunday, the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine section had an article called Top Dog, which frank …


Nathan’s Hot Dogs!

July is National Hot Dog Month so it is only fitting to write more about my hot dog memories.
Last week I wrote about the impact the kosher deli had on my love for hot dogs but my story continues with another memory of taking a ride to go to the Nathan’s in Oceanside, New York back in the 60’s!  I don’t recall ever going to the Nathan’s in Coney Island but I recall many trips to Nathan’s in Oceanside.

It might have been “fast food” but it did not resemble what today’s fast food restaurants look like. Nathan’s in Oceanside was …


Hot Dogs!

Part 1: Childhood memories!
Summer time for a season griller like me is time to indulge in foods like hot dogs and hamburgers more often than in the winter.  I started to think about my journey with hot dogs where my love for hot dogs began and what my first memories of hot dogs were!

Growing up on Long Island, New York, my first memories of hot dogs were from the kosher delis I would go with my family.  In the window you could gaze at the hot dogs cooking on one side and the knishes on the other side of the …


July 4th!

Happy Birthday America!
Since July 4th, 1777 when we celebrated our first anniversary of independence from Great Britain, we have been celebrating July 4th in style ever since!  This long time tradition has changed and evolved over the years  but the principle celebration which included parades, fireworks, 13 gun salutes, music, and ships decked out in red, white and blue started in 1777!
This year with July 4th falling on Wednesday, we are celebrating all week with towns having their fireworks on other days besides the 4th!  BBQ’s are set, family reunions taking place and the colors of course are red, white, …


Centennial Celebrations

2012 is definitely a special year for those that are celebrating centennials. Two of my favorite treats turned 100 this year: the Oreo cookie and Girl Scout Cookies! Meanwhile, both the Titantic and our beloved Fenway Park in Boston will also be celebrating their 100th anniversary this month. Today’s blog post will feature the food aspect, of course.

Oreo is one of my favorite cookies. I like to eat them plain, with milk, in confections (like cupcakes, cheesecakes, pies, ice cream, etc.), home made from scratch, and even the cereal kind (anyone remember Oreo O’s?). A few months ago, I discovered how to make Oreo truffles, which …


Backyard Barbeque in Arlington Virginia was worth a second visit!

In Arlington, Virginia there is a nice little storefront called Backyard Barbeque run by a very nice couple.  It is definitely worth a visit in fact I visited it twice during my stay.  Why you might wonder because it was really good!
If you can believe it I have never had pulled pork so we decided to get the pork pack dinner. The pulled pork came in a quart size container, with two side, sauce for the pulled pork and rolls.  We chose cole slaw, macaroni and cheese and added baked beans as well. The pulled pork was moist and delicious …


A Visit to the Franklin Park Zoo

I recently took a road trip and went to places in Boston I am ashamed to say I have never been to in the many years I have lived here!
A trip down Blue Hill Avenue led us to South Boston and Castle Island but on the way back a visit to Simco’s on the Bridge for a foot long hot dog on a buttered grilled bun with mustard and sauerkraut was a welcomed treat. Simco’s is an landmark that has been in business since the depression and is located at 1509 Blue Hill Ave. Their menu …