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Breast Cancer’s Toll on African-American Women

According to the National Cancer Institute, NCI, nearly 27,000 African-American women are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. While they are less likely than white women to be diagnosed with breast cancer, they are more likely to die from it than any other race and are more likely to be diagnosed at an advanced stage.
Lack of medical coverage, unequal access to improved treatments, and barriers to early detection and screening, account for the striking racial disparities according to NCI. Across the board, the death rate for all cancers combined is 25 percent higher for African-American women than …


Breast Thermography is no Substitute for Mammography

Breast thermography is being touted by some health care providers, on their websites, as an alternative to mammography and promoting the fact that there’s no radiation exposure and no painful compression of the breast with thermography.
The rationale behind using the device lies in the belief that breast cancers have increased metabolic activity and will result in higher temperatures compared with the rest of the breast, according to the Society for Breast Imaging, which does not support use of the device.
The FDA has firmly stated that thermography shouldn’t be used as a replacement screen for mammography. “Thermography, which creates an infrared …