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Pork Perfection

grilled meat from myrecipes.com
For this years July 4th cookout my Dad decided to make a pork roast. After he marinated the meat for a day, he cooked the pork shoulder for nine long hours on the grill over hickory-smoked wood chips until it reached peak tenderness. Personally, being a vegetarian, pork isn’t my cup of tea. But the process to prepare this dinner was pretty interesting, none the less.
Something that was as time consuming to prepare as that piece of pork should have incredible flavor. Over-cooking it would be a disaster and a huge waste of time.
And so, the importance …


King of the Corn

grilled corn on the cob from myrecipes.com
When I think about summer cookouts I think pasta salad and corn on the cob. As a kid it was often my job to shuck the corn before tossing it into the steamer. Smothering on the butter and sprinkling on the salt made for the most delicious combination of sweet and savory. I hardly minded all the corn-hair that got stuck in my teeth.
Today, I tend to skip the butter and salt and just enjoy the au-natural sweetness of the corn itself. Maybe it’s the novelty of eating something with my hands that makes …


My Favorite Homemade BBQ Sauce!

Years ago I went to a friend’s house for a BBQ and had the most fantastic BBQ sauce ever.  My friends were kind to share the recipe with me. It came from the William Sonoma cookbook Grilling.  It is a classic BBQ sauce and one of the best and simplest I ever made.  I usually double the recipe and keep it in a container in the refrigerator to always have on hand!  It keeps well for a long time.   It is not too late for you to make this BBQ sauce and keep it in your refrigerator after all it …