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Calling All Sandwiches

eggplant panini from acefitness.org
The sandwich has been a luncheon trademark for as long as I can remember. Satisfying and nutritious, there are endless options waiting to be stuffed between a couple slices of bread for a mid-day meal. From club sandwiches to tea sandwiches to wraps and flat-breads; one of my most beloved has to be the Panini.
Crispy on the outside with a golden crust and a warm, melty inside makes the panini irresistible.
And now you no longer have to eat-out to get your panini fix. The Giada Gourmet Panini Maker from Target is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s …


Hot Dogs!

Part 1: Childhood memories!
Summer time for a season griller like me is time to indulge in foods like hot dogs and hamburgers more often than in the winter.  I started to think about my journey with hot dogs where my love for hot dogs began and what my first memories of hot dogs were!

Growing up on Long Island, New York, my first memories of hot dogs were from the kosher delis I would go with my family.  In the window you could gaze at the hot dogs cooking on one side and the knishes on the other side of the …


Queen of My Grill

Tomorrow is the official start of summer!  The sun is out and it is going to be a hot couple of days coming up! It is officially grilling time!
For some unknown reason to me, men are considered to be King of the Grill. Commercials show men grilling all the time.  Television shows show men bonding over their grill with a beer in their hands.  Are women only supposed to be queen of the kitchen?  Queen of their grilling pan?  I think not, well not in my house!
Why does this stereotype exist where men are grill masters?    I am the Queen …