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wicked waffles

One thing I love about the weekends is putting the cereal aside until Monday and indulging in some real stick-to-your-ribs kind of breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes used to be my Saturday usual, but these days anything from omelets with toast and home fries to french toast doused in syrup and powered sugar are fine by me.
When I studied abroad last year I did a bit of traveling through Europe. I ended up spending a weekend in Brussels and the most memorable part were the waffles.
Belgian waffle in Brussels: best breakfast ever
Nothing compares to a true Belgian waffle; coated in crunchy …



Cheese and Chocolate: two foods that are music to my ears and satisfaction to my appetite.

The sweet, smooth flavor of chocolate is said to improve a person’s mood by releasing endorphins and serotonin, making it a feel-good food for both your state-of-mind and your taste buds.
And then there’s cheese. The endless varieties can satisfy any savory craving. From the everyday grilled cheese sandwich with sharp cheddar or baby swiss, to fresh green salads with chunks of feta or goat cheese; cheese makes everything better.
So, in honor of these two highly desired foods, today’s gadget is a tribute to them both: …


Stir It Up

Today’s gadget is for all of you out there who consider your blender to be one of your closest friends.
Your blender is there for you in the morning when you’re running late and a breakfast shake on-the-go is all that will silence your stomach gargles until lunchtime. A blender provides you with an extra energy boost by whipping up a pre-workout protein shake so that your muscles can prevail. And your blender will be at home waiting for you when all you want after a long day at the office is a cold banana daiquiri.
So, in order to celebrate one of …


Tis the Season! Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  As I prepared our holiday meal I was, as always, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Ever since I was a child I watched the parade.  While others might go to the local high school football game the morning of Thanksgiving, I always watched the parade.  Like clockwork, close to noon when the parade was almost over, Santa and Mrs. Claus made their appearance and for me it officially became the holiday season in that one minute.
Tis the season for shopping and spreading good cheer!  While stores might be open on Thanksgiving Day …