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Corkcicle Cool

You know the feeling, when you get home on a Friday evening from a long week at the office, and all you want to do is relax and enjoy a nice glass of wine? Well whether it be wine, beer, a cup of tea or a dish of ice cream, we all know how great it feels to forget about the work week and kick-start the weekend with our favorite little treat.
corkcicle from wired.com
For all my fellow wine-o’s, today’s gadget is the Corkcicle. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer white or red, the Corkcicle will keep your white wine cool …


Fruity Tools

Two foods that I can never get enough of are fruits and veggies. Sweet and juicy, and without all the guilt that comes along with eating pizza and ice cream. But in our busy lives it’s often hard to squeeze in an apple a day when our stomachs are screaming for something more hearty, like a sub or sandwich.
Thankfully, these gadgets from Williams Sonoma will help you get your daily fix of nutrition without any hassle.
First, the OXO 3-in-1 avocado slicer is the perfect pitter and pre-per for your avocado halves. The sharp slicer cuts through the avocados skin. Next, …


Garlic Goodness

garlic from eatingwell.com
One word: Garlic. I use garlic in so many things when I cook. Tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, stir-fried veggies; they all taste so much better when I add a little (but usually a lot more than a little) garlic.
For the amount of garlic I use when I cook it’s surprising that I don’t own a garlic press. Chopping garlic the old fashion way, mincing and slicing on my wooden cutting board, works pretty well. I still get the same delicious flavor, it just takes a little longer and leaves my fingers smelling like garlic for a couple days, …


Candy Crazed

jack-o-lanterns from southernliving.com
Ever since I was a youngster I’ve always looked forward to Halloween. Costume planning is a year-long thought process and the entire month of October calls for spooky celebrations. And on top of all the typical Halloween hype it’s also my mother’s birthday, which calls for double the celebrations!
Growing up my mom always hand-made our Halloween costumes. We would help pick out the fabric and she would sew up beautiful, one-of-a-kind master pieces. But in the hustle and bustle to get us ready for the local halloween-day parade, her birthday was often put on the back burner.
Now that …


Garden Fresh

basil from realsimple.com
One of the many fabulous summertime perks is having a lush, green garden. If you have a green-thumb then you’re probably eating home-grown veggies and enjoying beautiful flowers by the vase full. And, of course, one of the easiest and most commonly garden-grown treat, herbs!
Herbs add some serious flavor to food. Fresh basil adds a punch to pasta sauces and is unbelievably good on homemade pizza. Home-grown dill will have you eating coleslaw every night. And add fresh mint leaves to you’re iced tea, or simply chew on them to freshen breath!
If you’re an herb-lover then the Herb …


King of the Corn

grilled corn on the cob from myrecipes.com
When I think about summer cookouts I think pasta salad and corn on the cob. As a kid it was often my job to shuck the corn before tossing it into the steamer. Smothering on the butter and sprinkling on the salt made for the most delicious combination of sweet and savory. I hardly minded all the corn-hair that got stuck in my teeth.
Today, I tend to skip the butter and salt and just enjoy the au-natural sweetness of the corn itself. Maybe it’s the novelty of eating something with my hands that makes …


Zap That

from scientificamerican.com
Today’s gadget is a little outside the kitchen cabinet, but stick with me and you might be happily surprised by this intriguing idea.
We’ve all been victims of a fruit fly infestation. Those pesky little buggers appear out of no where and are a pain in the apple to get rid of.
So many times I’ve boughten a bunch of bananas, and, especially in the humid summer air, they’ve gone brown before I’ve had time to enjoy them. And the minute your fruit surpasses prime ripeness the fruit flies begin to descend.
But thanks to the SE¬†battery operated tennis racket bug zapper, …


Mess No More

trudeau pot clip from ChefTools
A common pet peeve of mine, and I’m sure most cooks can agree, is the mess that’s left behind on the counter from your wooden spoon or spatula. Cooking anything from pasta sauce to scrambled eggs requires stirring, and inbetween stirs what do you do with your utensil?
I’ve gotten in the habit of trying to balance the spoon or spatula across the pot while my food simmers, but it’s a risky maneuver. At any moment the spoon could fall onto the burner leaving a burn mark in your wooden or rubber friend.
And the designated saucer you …


Garlic Gone Wild

Is there any such thing as too much garlic? Some would say yes, and I used to be the first to agree. But over the past couple of years I stopped caring about my fresh breath and started indulging in the delicious flavor whenever possible.
garlic from dothegreenthing.com
When I think of my favorite fully garlic-loaded food my mother’s caesar salad is the first thing that comes to mind. Her homemade dressing isn’t creamy like the typical caesar dressing you’re probably used to. Instead, it’s olive oil based with lots of lemon juice and A LOT of fresh garlic. She even tosses …


Simmer Down

Cooking is fun and rewarding, but at times it can also feel overwhelming. Between chopping, peeling, sautéing and stirring I often feel like I need four more hands to get everything right. A pot of simmering sauce left alone a moment too long can be scorched to ruin before we even realize.
And what about those sauces, soups and stews that need your constant attention for multiple hours on end? I for one would rather not stand in front of the stove, spoon in hand, for half the day and stir without rest. But, if it’s all for a fabulous outcome, …