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Froyo Bites

Having trouble feeding your kids healthy snacks? Try giving them a colorful snack in a cool shape. Froyo bites are a quick and healthy snack to give your kids. A little bit of yogurt and a little bit of fruit in a fun shape is a good way to get your kids to eat healthy.
Yogurt comes from milk, so yogurt eaters will get a dose of animal protein (about 9 grams per 6-ounce serving), plus several other nutrients found in dairy foods, like calcium, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, potassium, and magnesium. Yogurt also has a good number of probiotics. Probiotics …


Cutest Cookie Sandwiches

This week at Boston Bakes everyone is putting their best dessert forward. From cakes, cookies, pies and more, I decided to join the trend and talk about a gadget that will make some real tasty desserts, and it will take only minutes!
from cuisipro.com
Summer is well on it’s way and as I’m daydreaming of long days at the beach I can’t help but think about the ice cream truck that will soon be ringing it’s bell for all the kids to hear. Ice cream cookie sandwiches were always one of my favorite treats from the ice cream truck. The Cuisipro Mini …


World Dessert Tour

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” is a popular idiom meaning when you are visiting a different place or culture, you should try to follow their customs and practice. Whenever I travel, whether it be within the states or outside of the states, I try to eat what the locals eat. Today’s post will be about popular desserts around the world, specifically from the top 5 travel locations in 2012 according to The New York Times.

1. Panama | Tres Leches
First stop is Panama. I have never visited this country before and know nothing about it, besides the historic Panama …


Slap Happy

Last week while I was chatting on the phone with my cousin who lives in Salem, MA, she mentioned her newest kitchen gadget that she just can’t get enough of. When I told her that I’d never heard of it she was taken aback. So I did a little research of my own, and I, too, soon became seduced by the wonder of what is the Slap Chop.
A small, handheld device, with a hollow core and a W-shaped blade concealed within the body of the gadget, the Slap Chop minces and dices a plethora of foods. By “slapping” the lever on the …


A visit to Boston’s boYo!

Last night, I crashed a blogger’s get together at boYo natural frozen yogurt shop in Boston where a group of foodies got together to meet, talk and try boYo frozen yogurt. What a fun evening it was!
Not only was it fun to put faces with the names of those you follow but to see the serious side and the fun side putting foodies in a candy store can be! I was in the good company of Michelle Collins, The Fussy Eater, Christine Liu,Finance Foodie and the Recipe Can.

Greeted by Lori Peljovich who designed and opened boYo two years ago …


Acquiring a Taste for Yogurt

The other day I read an article on the rise in demand for Greek yogurt, one of the fastest-growing grocery items of 2010.  I was already aware of this fact because every time I opened the communal refrigerator at work, I would see a collection of All-Natural, Non-Fat Chobani and Total 2% Fage (pronounced fa-yeh) Greek yogurts.  However, none of the 6-ounce containers belonged to me.  In the past, I have tried the plain, pomegranate, and strawberry-banana flavors of Chobani, but have not acquired a taste for any of them.  Greek yogurt is too tart for my liking and I …