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This week, I’ve been staying at home everyday, sick with a cold. That meant no going out to eat, no baking, and lots of rest, hot tea, and chicken noodle soup. Since I was stuck at home and not at work, I was able to watch some of my favorite food TV shows that play during normal business hours. Here are my top 5 shows on The Food Network.

Of course, I must mention Sweet Genius since I am obsessed with desserts. In each episode, there are four American premier pastry chefs competing in three timed challenges for the grand prize of $10,000. …


California Eats: Part 1

I’m an East coast girl but I love visiting the sunny state of California from time to time. I just returned from a vacation to Los Angeles and San Diego to reconnect with good friends, soak in some (much-needed) Vitamin D, and of course explore the good eats. Here are some of the exclusive West coast food spots that I enjoyed eating at.

First stop was In-N-Out Burger, a fast food burger joint primarily known for its “secret menu” items, such as Animal-style burgers and fries. Animal style is the special sauce consisting of grilled and finely-chopped onions and pickles drowned in …


Sweet & Savory

If you don’t know this about me already, I have a huge sweet tooth; I love making and eating desserts. Some of my friends, however, are on the other end of the taste spectrum; they enjoy savory foods so much more. For a long time now, chefs have been experimenting different ways for those who want the best of both worlds. Let me share with you my experiences with sweet *and* savory foods that were intriguing, memorable, and surprisingly, tasty!

Bacon Chocolate
Years ago, when I was gift- and souvenir- shopping in SoHo, New York City, I decided to see what Vosges Haut-Chocolat had to …


Finding New Treats

One of the hardest parts of baking is finding the right recipe. I know that I am very lucky for the fact that I can call my mother at any moment and ask “What’s the best recipe for (insert desired delicious item here)?” and she would answer without missing a beat. She always has the best recipe for everything but that is because she has tried them all. However not everyone has a mother who cooks as much as mine, and not everyone has the time to experiment with recipes the way she does. I know that as a college student, with …


Oh What a Cupcake!

While I am in Washington DC, I stopped into Sprinkles Cupcakes for breakfast this morning! Dee Dee and Abby were most helpful and I had a great visit with them. I had to taste first hand the cupcakes that started the cupcake trend.
Of course the most popular is you guessed it the red velvet. Usually I don’t order a red velvet cupcake but Dee Dee convinced me otherwise and I am glad she did! It was tasty and delicious and I could have eaten the cake without the frosting.
For lunch while sitting in the car I had the strawberry cupcake. …


The World Famous Scully’s in Miami!

I arrive in Miami and the first stop is at Scully’s which I first found out about watching Guy Fieri’s DD&D on the Food Network. Since appearing on DD&D, it is now known as the World Famous Scully’s Tavern!
Guy was right when he said it was a bar with good food and not just good bar food, food you would not expect to find at just a bar! Scully’s had reasonably priced food with large portions.
The typical bar food of wings and burgers could not tempt me.  It was the daily specials which is what I came for and I …


So Good, So Easy and So Impressive! Tagliarelle with Truffle Butter!

Sometimes staying in for New Year’s Eve is an enjoyable option as opposed to going out! Sometimes you just want a nice quite New Year’s Eve with good food and drink at home!  I can always go out for dinner another night!
I always plan a complicated menu and started to this time as well when I realized I wasn’t in the mood for spending hours in the kitchen.
I just wanted to relax and enjoy the day and make something wonderful yet simple that would have that WOW factor after all it was still New Year’s Eve!  Then I found this …


Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Pecan and Marshmallow Streusel says it all!

I love sweet potatoes and marshmallows!  It was always a tradition at every Thanksgiving dinner growing up and anytime sweet potatoes were served for that matter.  When I moved to New England, sweet potatoes and marshmallows were uncommon at Thanksgiving; mashed potatoes were the expected side dish unless you came to my house.  I would not change my tradition for anyone.  To put it simply, it just was not Thanksgiving without sweet potatoes and marshmallows!  I did not care if anyone else ate the sweet potatoes as long as they were there for me!

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Need to make something great for the Holiday quickly! Do we have a fudge recipe for you!

I can’t tell you how many years ago I discovered this recipe from Rachel Ray for a fudge shaped wreath that takes five minutes to make and gets rave reviews wherever I have brought it!  I was pleasantly surprised after making it the first time that it has become a staple in my house to make!
It is great to have around the house around the holidays but more important if you need to make something quickly to bring to someone it takes 5 minutes to make!  Did I mention once you start eating the fudge it is addictive?

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Watching TV Shows in the Making from Game Show to Food Shows!

Being a communications major, I have always been fascinated watching TV shows in the making. So far I have been to taping of game shows, sitcoms and food shows.
How did this journey start, well many, many years ago I dragged friends in LA to a taping of a game show.  Little did I know that a game show tapes a whole week’s worth of shows in one evening and lucky for me they still to do this day speak to me!  Years later when I was in LA with my daughter the only tickets to a show taping we could …