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A Father’s Day Treat!

A quick and easy treat to make in honor of all the dad’s this Father’s Day is the Lemon Bar! Easy to make and quite addictive these sweet and tart treats disappear quickly. It is that combination of tart and sweet that makes a perfect combination that keeps us craving more!
I happen to love the recipes of Ina Garten and Smitten Kitchen! When a lemon bar recipe is adapted by Smitten Kitchen watch out is all that I can say!
I share with you the adapted recipe from Smitten Kitchen where you are offered two variations a thicker or thinner layer …


Nuts Galore

hazelnuts from wikipedia.org
Whether it be walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts or peanuts, crushed nuts are a great addition to so many snacks and meals. Sprinkling nuts on salads gives it that extra crunch. And baking with nuts is another whole story.
One set back is that nuts tend to be a little expensive. But with the Williams Sonoma Nut Chopper you can now buy nuts in bulk and grind them down until they’re at your preferred size.
Just fill the top compartment, choose the setting size and turn the handle. The crushed nuts will collect in the bottom container.
nut chopper from williams-sonoma
The Nut Chopper …


Primo Pesto!

I can’t believe I had waited so many years to make Pesto!  Was it easier to buy it?  Yes!  Did I think it was more complicated to make than it really is?  Yes!  Can I make a list of reasons why I never made pesto? Yes!   It wasn’t that I didn’t like pesto, maybe because it was because I did not love it.  I never even looked for a pesto recipe and did not know what it entailed.
Then a recipe found me from Chile Olive Oil and I read the recipe!  It was then that I kicked myself because making …